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Orthesis for the foot

Orthesis for the foot

Prepreg is the best choice when it comes to the re-creation of the lower leg. It is very light and sturdy and can follow and support the natural movement of the leg, making it ideal for the creation of foot orthesis. However, to deliver perfect results you need a lot of practice and experience.

We have that kind of experience.

In over ten years we gained rich experience in using Prepreg for creating carbon-fiber orthesis. We work very closely with doctors, therapists and health care center/clinics to get feedback and to improve our materials. Every patient will benefit from our custom orthesis but especially the young patients will enjoy the flexibility in design and form. The material makes it possible to have a custom colored or natural looking orthesis which can be used in a lot of cases even in normal footwear/shoes.

Design templates

Depending from the color of the base material you can choose from a broad variety of custom designs.

CA-01, CA-05, CA-10, CA-12: : multi-color, linear undercoating/foundation

CA-04: single color foundation, e.g. “green”

Our carbon-fiber spring:

  • We manufacture in our own autoclave oven to have full control over the creation process. This leads to very high stability combined with the least possible volume and weight.
  • The bio-mechanical abilities of the carbon-fiber spring are highly customizable to your patient’s needs.
  • With our techniques and knowledge in the creation process, we reach a much higher dynamic in motion than a standard spring.
  • 01. Planing

    Together, we develop the best approach for the treatment of your patient.

  • 02. Making an impression/mold

    Just create a standard mold in your workshop – the way you are used to.

  • 03. Prototyping and testing

    Nach der Anprobe schicken Sie uns Ihr modelliertes und geglättetes Gips-Positiv oder die tiefgezogene Testorthese (PP/PE-Schale) zu.

  • 04. Creating the Casimo orthosis

    Sie füllen den Bestellbogen für Casimo aus. Dort haben Sie auch die Möglichkeit, besondere Wünsche einzutragen oder uns auf spezielle Anforderungen aufmerksam zu machen.

  • 05. Create and send it back

    We process your order and create the custom made orthesis usually within 10 work days.

Download our ordering sheet and send the mold and the filled out order to Casimo.