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Orthesis for the hand

Orthesis for the hand

HTV-Silicon is best choice for creating high quality hand orthesis. It´s hygienic advantages and abilities are excellent for the use in clinical environments. It is very sturdy and can be processed in any custom form – when you have the experience.

We have that kind of experience.

We work with this material for years and our technicians are highly trained experts when it comes to HTV-Silicon. We can help your patients to benefit from its abilities like the easy to clean surface and the very thin and comfortable connectors between gaps, providing better wearing comfort.

Why our hand orthesis are so successful:

  • Customizable degrees of hardness and the ability to be processed in very thin layers without impacts on tearing strength.
  • Very high wearing comfort, skin friendly surfaces and easily customizable in color. A unique design will make it easier for the patients to accustom to the new orthosis, especially when they are of younger age.
  • 01. Planing

    Together, we develop the best approach for the treatment of your patient.

  • 02. Making an impression/mold

    Just create a standard mold in your workshop – the way you are used to.

  • 03. Prototyping and testing

    Nach der Anprobe schicken Sie uns Ihr modelliertes und geglättetes Gips-Positiv oder die tiefgezogene Testorthese (PP/PE-Schale) zu.

  • 04. Creating the Casimo orthosis

    Sie füllen den Bestellbogen für Casimo aus. Dort haben Sie auch die Möglichkeit, besondere Wünsche einzutragen oder uns auf spezielle Anforderungen aufmerksam zu machen.

  • 05. Create and send it back

    We process your order and create the custom made orthesis usually within 10 work days.

Download our ordering sheet and send the mold and the filled out order to Casimo.