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Water transfer printing

Individual surfaces

We can also provide customized designs of all orthesis using hydrographic water transfer printing techniques. In fact, all surfaces which usually can be varnished can also be object of water transfer printing.

You can choose from a rich variety of designs and templates and we will create the workproduct it in our own paint shop. We use a special two compontents clear varnish to seal and protect the surface after the print to ensure the best results.

The water transfer printing technique can be used for more than “just” our orthesis. Most medical products are not meant to have a nice design – you can change that and provide to your patients even more possibilities for their unique needs.

Please call us for an individual offer.

Design templates

Depending from the color of the base material you can choose from a broad variety of custom designs.

CA-01, CA-05, CA-10, CA-12: multi-color, linear undercoating/foundation

CA-04: single color foundation, e.g. “green”

Coloring paper

Why using water transfer printing:

  • Useable on all surfaces which can be varnished.
  • Perfect coverage of the object.
  • Huge selection of different designs
  • Long lasting with very high abrasion resistance
  • Individual like your patients
  • 01. Planing

    Together, we develop the best approach for the treatment of your patient.

  • 02. Making an impression/mold

    Just create a standard mold in your workshop – the way you are used to.

  • 03. Prototyping and testing

    Nach der Anprobe schicken Sie uns Ihr modelliertes und geglättetes Gips-Positiv oder die tiefgezogene Testorthese (PP/PE-Schale) zu.

  • 04. Creating the Casimo orthosis

    Sie füllen den Bestellbogen für Casimo aus. Dort haben Sie auch die Möglichkeit, besondere Wünsche einzutragen oder uns auf spezielle Anforderungen aufmerksam zu machen.

  • 05. Create and send it back

    We process your order and create the custom made orthesis usually within 10 work days.

Download our ordering sheet and send the mold and the filled out order to Casimo.