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Wir arbeiten orthentisch

Ihr Partner bei der Herstellung hoch individueller Carbon- und Silikon- Orthesen.


Casimo is your reliable partner for manufacturing individual hand- and lower-leg orthosis. Together with our vendors and customers we team up to deliver the best service experience you and your patients can imagine. You decide what steps of the manufacturing process you want to do on your own and what you want to outsource to us. For instance, you pass on the dirty and time consuming steps to us, while you finish the client facing work yourself. This could lead to a better treatment as well as to a better service experience of your patients. You can invest more quality time in their wellbeing and get more work done.



The result of this division of work is impressive:

  • You are fast. Hospitals, therapists and physicians working together with you will benefit from your work as well, as you deliver your services with industry leading orthosis fast and simple. Since the orthosis are custom built, they fit perfectly to your patient’s needs.
  • You are efficient. Since we take care of the time consuming and dirty work in the creation process, you can concentrate on your medical office, take on more orders and patients and deliver an even better service experience to them.
  • You are individual. Your patients will love our custom made orthosis. It is yours and your patient’s choice when it comes to the selection of material and the design – All customizable.

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